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Originally Posted by Jump systems View Post
Whmcs is the undisputed leader in hosting automation. But will the new clientexec Version 5 change that?
I agree they are the most popular but I see Blesta is growing. Would love to play with CE version 5 also, and I'm monitoring WHSuite.

Originally Posted by prosecure View Post
Well Mate I do not think so that clientexex version 5 will change it.
Originally Posted by Host Pro View Post
Agree that each one has it's own followers. But I dont think that clientexec Version 5 will change things. Marketing strategies that's what can change things
Why not? Something you dislike about version 5? The changes to version 5 are actually quite amazing from what I have seen. Then again, may be it is just amazing because of the improvement since v4. Other than the live chat, WHMCS has all of the features they are showing off in v5.

Originally Posted by Rado_Ch View Post
WHMCS is like the old lion with its rivals being the young cubs. The mature male knows that no one is close enough to challenge him so doesn't bother working out or preparing to defend its territory and the young cubs just don't have the strength and resource to challenge them currently.

I would be very interested if an alternative in the same price range is introduced, as WHMCS does lack in terms of security and can improve in certain areas of functionality, but because of this lack of an adequate competition it just doesn't seem to come around fixing those issues
I disagree . I am sure they are aware of their challenges with the increase in popularity in Blesta and at the beginning phase of HostBill. And with the investment from cPanel, I doubt they will just sit and let their product die without a fight.

WHMCS is pulling as many stops as they can to get themselves back on track, rewarding up to $5000 per security issue, code audit etc In terms of features and improving the actual software, this seems to start with version 5.3 which is currently in private beta. Primarily a bug fix release to fix everything they can and then hopefully the features will start to roll in once everything has been fixed.
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