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Originally Posted by anon2 View Post
Dear Visitors,

I am interesting in potentially selling my hosting company.

It's been active for over a year now, with a Google page rank of 3.

GBP Currency
Monthly: 43.74GBP (6)
Quarterly: 0.00GBP (0)
Semi-Annually: 0.00GBP (0)
Annually: 35.88GBP (1)
Biennially: 0.00GBP (0)
Triennially: 0.00GBP (0)
Est. Annual: 560.76GBP

USD Currency
Monthly: $124.99USD (18)
Quarterly: $0.00USD (0)
Semi-Annually: $0.00USD (0)
Annually: $86.21USD (1)
Biennially: $0.00USD (0)
Triennially: $0.00USD (0)
Est. Annual: $1586.09USD

EUR Currency
Monthly: 5.37EUR (1)
Quarterly: 0.00EUR (0)
Semi-Annually: 0.00EUR (0)
Annually: 0.00EUR (0)
Biennially: 0.00EUR (0)
Triennially: 0.00EUR (0)
Est. Annual: 64.44EUR

This Month: 144.39GBP This Year: 826.49GBP

Currently we sell shared web hosting, VPS accounts etc.

The majority of customers are VPS based, they have a long standing account with us and are not new customers, although we do get new orders every few days.

I want to remain completely anonymous, as I do not want my customers to be aware of a potential sale, as I may still not sell.

Would like an open discussion of what it's worth, what would happen on sale, how would my customers be dealt with, would you keep the same servers etc.

I can, for the correct sale pay for a 6 month to one year payment free on the dedicated server that holds all of the VPS Accounts as a deal breaker.

*edit: Web Management is also via a CMS, with fully designed website and pages integrated into the billing system.
Please send information/NDA to