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Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
Its a real turnoff to come to this forum, click on New Posts and see a new Member filling the list with their own posts (usually useless fluff, many times reviving zombie threads) to pump up their post count.

I suggest we limit new members to two posts per day until a certain number is reached
It is indeed an occasional problem. Every time I login, I screen through every single new post. New members that actively try to get their post count off the ground, will usually have their fluff posts deleted, if those are found. In some cases, we even issue infractions. It is possible you get to see those posts before they are removed.

However, I love the idea of limiting per day posting for new members as well. If you know how to do this, please post or link to where it is explained. If not, I will try to look into how I can set it up.

Mucho gracias for your feedback.