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Originally Posted by Avuntia View Post
I think this is a good idea, however i would limit it to like 5 - 8 a day at the beginning (so people dont get turned off), Limiting something could be really risk, i sometimes wish there were more posts on a daily basis because most things on this forum are really interesting, hopefully the community will react positively.
Maybe set it so the number of posts per day new members can make==the number of days they've been a member. On day one they would be limited to a single post. On day two, 2 posts; day three, 3 posts, etc. Abuse could be reduced by transforming the meaning of 'day' into a variable relative to each individual, i.e. if a new member made a post on day one and decided to wait a week until posting again, it would be considered 'day two' upon their return rather than day seven.

This might be a bit too strict, but at least it would give people a good amount of time to gather their thoughts for forthcoming posts rather than pissing 'em all out as rapid stream of one liners in 30 seconds (think before you tweet!).

Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
Telling me I can only post 6 times in 24 hours is...
Yeah, but these limits would be the simultaneous opening of space for anticipation to grow, which would likely increase your desire to return ('anticipation is better than the real thing' as they say). If you were really hungry and were limited to one helping per 3 hours at your favourite buffet, chances are you'd wait out the 3 hours and have a second helping. You'd become hungrier during the wait so the meal would taste much better and feel more rewarding/satisfying.

Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
...just going to send me to another forum.
The risk of losing new people to 'another forum' is pretty low imho. HD is a long-standing forum and easily 'comes in second' to WHT in terms of what else is out there (of course it's much better than WHT in a lot of ways, but that's a different thread).

Either way, I think that emphasizing the reality of limitations at a time when the misleading narrative of 'unlimited disk space and bandwidth' is more rampant than ever is already an interesting enough concept.