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Originally Posted by Kingfish85 View Post
Give it some time.
All things, good or bad, eventually come to an end. So far, HostGator has not given me any reason not to recommend them.

It may be possible that the general negative buzz about the EIG takeover has prompted them to improve service.

Or maybe I'm just lucky.

Or maybe my support ticket requests are unusually well-worded. I go to some lengths to explain exactly what the problem is, what I have already tried, and the results I experienced. I don't submit a support ticket until I have spent a substantial amount of time working on the problem myself. Then, I give some thought about the subject line to try to make it easy to understand, with keywords that make it easy to find later.

Since I'm a programmer myself, I know that the tech support folks *really* like that approach.

There is an art to getting good support.
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