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Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
...WHT had been hacked and was down. I did end up registering at over 20 new hosting forums, but found Hosting Discussion to be my favorite. As a newbie to HD at the time (I repeat), I would have focused my participation elsewhere...
This was partially my point. Of the other all purpose web hosting forums out there, none of them really measure up to WHT or HD as far as I'm aware. I sincerely doubt you would have focused your participation elsewhere...

Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
...if there were limits on the number of threads or posts. There would have been NO anticipation to grow as mentioned and my desire to return would have been diminished. More rewarding? NOT
...but I can't argue with ya, SenseiSteve. Was only throwin' some suggestions out there, not the gospel.