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Originally Posted by Sister View Post
I think this was recently changed to 7 days.
I think he meant the 14 days of active membership that new members are required, before they are allowed to post in the Marketplace.

Originally Posted by Rado_Ch View Post
So what am I trying to get across? I do like HD, I really do, its still in my top list, but the amount of low-quality fluff posts have to diminished somehow. Would that happen with different rules for newbies? Probably not, the 14 day requirement for Ad posting keeps a big part of this mass away. Most of those users want to get to that part as fast as possible. Having a limited daily post count, even though requiring more consecutive logins, still speeds up the process of getting to Ad Posting point. And that will likely cause a reverse effect. Not aware of the HD internal staff and how busy they are, but opening room for new moderators (even established community members) might tighten the security a little bit. Its a matter of catching those "fluffers" faster and stop their access during their early invasion. More time and effort is required from this plan but I do believe it would be for the best
Amazing feedback, Radoslav, thank you. Actually, the part in bold type is what I was thinking might be the solution. Currently I am the only moderator on the forum. The fact is, with the limitations and the custom blocks that we've set to work behind the scenes, it has become a lot less problematic to moderate, because the chances of a true spammer getting through are minimal. Sure, if we had multiple moderators, which HD doesn't need at this point (in terms of moderating capacity), we'd probably catch fluffy posts quicker. However, it will not eliminate the problem as some new members will still try to post low quality fluff and you might still notice them first if it is done during the time that you are here.

Our policy has always been to protect the quality of content that is posted on HostingDiscussion, so if we notice one-liner posts that add no new value to a discussion, they are usually removed and infractions issued, especially if that kind of posting is part of user's overall posting behaviour.

But just to clarify: you are against establishing a daily posting limitation for new members until they reach 25 posts, correct?