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I wanted to see if anyone is interested in making a deal for a unmanaged vps. I'm back in college working on a degree in network administration and want to know the ins and outs of a vps. What I can do for you is ad your ad to and as a sponsor and will stay there for the life of the vps. The theme site is still under construction so that is going to be a couple more week before it's up 100%. I will also do a honest review and tweet it out. These 2 spots were the ads are I charge $10 for a month, so I offering you 2 of them.
I'm interested in a vps about 1gb ram, 20 Gb diskspace and 500 to 1000 GB in traffic. I will use the vps for these 2 sites as well.
I have uploaded the awstats for Host-Hunters for you to see the traffic. I know awstats isn't the greatest but I thought it would help.
If interested please let me know.

Link to stats png.
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