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I used to work in domain registrar& hosting provider company and one of my tasks was constant comparison of company's services to our competitors' services quality and cost.

Hostgator was on the list and I contacted them once in chat with an intention to register a domain and create a single Email forwarder to my Gmail. They started to assure me I needed a full hosting plan for that (Email/URL forwarding comes free from Registry with a domain, in case you did not know).

Upsell? of course. Seems legit? Nope. Satisfied? Not even a bit.

Yes, it is a usual business practice, but I contacted them several times afterwards and got the same results. They always tried to sell me what I did not need and tried to assure me it was vital for my requests.

Their services may be reliable, but their sales techniques are awful, for sure. They are not going downhill, though, they simply modify their tactics and modus operandi. If this results in better support and more fair approach to customers - I am really positive on it.
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