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I've been using Platinum Server Management since March 20th, 2012, after being referred to them by a friend in the hosting industry. I've been waiting to write this review for quite a while, and wanted at least six months of service before I came to any conclusions.
Also, I do apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I didn't see a server management area on HD, so I decided to post here instead.
This is a review of a server management company, by a website hosting provider.

Quality of Support

Platinum Server Management really surprised me with the level of experience that each and every one of their technical support agents have. I honestly didn't expect much, considering the very low price of only $29.00. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the agents actually knew what I was asking for, and enjoy having the feeling of added security, knowing that the tech agent is capable of starting and finishing his assigned task without error.

Resolution Time

Unfortunately, this is where PSM runs into some rather major problems. While they guarantee that one of their agents will reply back to you within six hours, this guarantee is hardly ever met, unless you consider automated responses as a genuine reply.
I've had tickets go days without revolve, and actually have a ticket open right now, as I write this review. This ticket has been open for over 24 hours, and has only received two generic "We'll update you shortly" responses.


While they are highly inexpensive, they've proven to be very slow with even the most mundane of tasks. Some of my tickets have taken days to properly answer, and the simple act of modifying PHP took well over 12 hours. That said, they have always been able to manage my server properly, and they always get the job done, albeit slowly.

Their technical support is well trained, and is based entirely in America. They don't outsource, so the technical support agents are always easy to understand.

The Verdict

As of this time, I do not recommend Platinum Server Management. They're simply too slow for any kind of realistic business use, and for that alone you should avoid them.
However, if you're looking to get a dedicated server managed by an inexpensive company, and if you do not care how long it takes for said company to resolve any issues that you are having, then Platinum Server Management is by far the best management company around, at least for the price.

Basically, if you intend to operate a business, or if you have multiple dedicated servers that absolutely must be managed professionally and in a timely manner, Platinum Server Management is not for you. Avoid them, as they will be unable to meet your time expectations.
However, if you're simply interested in hosting a few personal projects, such as a blog or online forum, and if you know nothing about server management, Platinum Server Management is an excellent company to go to. They're inexpensive, and always get the job done.