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As from the previous request,
Can't resist the temptation to ask for one - if you can offer something good in terms of disk space and bandwidth.

Sponsorship does not need to be 100% free - if you can figure a good payment method such as PayGol SMS that is.

The payback might be: honest and accurate reviews, posting in your forum, working as support, and anything, that is not so outrageous as PayPal.
Banners and text links are acceptable, and a combo too.
Offers with biggest disk space and BW will be prioritized - as the use for it is webhosting (free and paid). I can also give you proof of my forum posting.

RAM and CPU does not need to be much but would be appreciated if you can make it to be 1024MB and over if the VPS is OpenVZ.
cPanel, Directadmin and the rest - does not need but it will be thanked.

I feel that Linux is free and use only open source software - so the only thing I ask for is some space.
I would like to request a VPS sponsorship, but this time I would prefer a non-VZ VPS (Virtuozzo is OK). I am still in search for a sponsor, just did not post here because of studies, and other obligations. Reasons are just the same, but I would prefer to discuss it via PM since it varies on the assigned disk and bandwidth.

I can also give you proof of my forum posting:
PHP Code:
and so on

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