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Guess who's back.

Hello to all of you, I've missed you, people!

This marks the longest period of time I have been apart from our community. There are multiple reasons for that, which I am not going to go into in depth given so much work awaits me. This was a mix of personal family matters and an extreme volume of work that fell on my shoulders early January of this year, among a couple of new projects that I've been working on. However, HD is not only important to me as a venture, it is close to my heart, so no worries, this little hiatus doesn't mean I lost interest. In fact, quite the opposite! Now that I've been away for so long, I am eager to try all sorts of new things.

Some of you have probably noticed that I've been back since a couple of days ago. I was waiting to write this message because there were so many other more critical things that I wanted to attend to. I am really grateful for the numerous anti-spam blocks and filters that we have, because if we didn't have them enabled, I'd find this board covered in spam. It took me a couple of days still, but all is taken care of now and the forums are basically back in the good shape that it was the day I left, so all the irregular ads that were misplaced during my absence have been taken care of, every single new post has been screened. If you do notice something out of place, please do use the "Report Post" feature.

There are still some issues to look into, but those will be taken of in the next few days. Those that have PMed and emailed me, I ask for a little more of your patience, I will get back to all of you in time.

It is great to be back!!
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