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Let me begin by saying how nice it was to find this place. I've been googling for hours now and it seems impossible to get a semi-custom quote without emailing 100 different companies.

Basically I am after a dual opteron, preferably a 248 or 250 cpu with 4GB of RAM, located on the east coast of the USA. Hard drive size is negotiable, but I am after something fast, 10K or, preferably, 15K. I'd like to have a list of hard drives to choose from, as well as RAID setups. Bandwidth is not crucial. Something around 10Mbps would be fine with a max of 50GB or so. Also, obviously, I want the OS to be Linux 64-bit specific.

This server is going to be used solely for computations, and at times it will need to interact, with a very low ping time, with another server located in New Jersey. There is no plans to make it a webserver at this stage, so any discounts that can be given by dumping superfluous 'features' would be greatly appreciated.

I'm *hoping* to pay around $250/month after an up-front fee. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.