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I am entertaining the idea of selling my hosting company, for the right price and fairly quickly. Personal situations have arisen where I am in need of the money from the sale.

The business has been around since February of 2013.

Here are the key details:

Monthly: $1711.28 USD (25)
Quarterly: $23.97 USD (1)
Semi-Annually: $83.34 USD (2)
Annually: $126.74 USD (8)
Biennially: $49.00 USD (1)
Triennially: $0.00 USD (0)
Est. Annual: $20949.16 USD

Most of this income comes from Dedicated and Cloud customers. There are few reseller and shared customers in the mix.

I have several clients with custom solutions, who are very reliable and trustworthy. They have been with me for a long time.

Cloud services are provided by my vendor which I hvae a custom cloud account with. Details can be released on request. It's an SSD powered OnApp cloud, so very powerful.

Owned Hardware:
I have two dedicated servers with the following specs that will be sold in this deal:

Dual L5420 Quad Core CPU, 8Gb RAM, 2x 750Gb HDD, Dell
Dual L5520 Quad Core CPU, 48Gb RAM, 2x 1Tb HDD, Dell

The first is used for shared and reseller accounts and has much room to grow.
The second is resold to a client. Both are colo'd in Houston.

I then have 6 Dedicated servers from the same provider that I colo with and have the cloud with - everything is with one vendor. These 6 dedicated servers are resold to clients.

I want to sell the whole company - that is the brand, website, domain(s), clients, hardware and everything else that goes with it.

The website is powered by WHMCS and has a template. The license is monthly lease.

I have a premium domain reseller account from OnlineNIC, where all domains are registered. This will be included in the sale with all company domains. I have a few different ones and a few client ones.

I don't have a ball park figure in mind, so please send your suggestions and offers.

If you have any questions, please do let me know, as I am sure I have left things out!
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