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I am sorry if I have to add this, but it's a must, in light of recent events:

If you are going to leave me empty handed, or without a valid resource (IE. VPS or Reseller account), don't contact me. NO I'm not going to be just an affiliate for you, and specially to those hosts that to clear a sale takes months. You lose your time and make me lose mine, by getting my hopes up and yours too. While this is one of the types of help, it should not be the main. If you don't provide me a server space, or somewhere where to host a site, I should not take you into account, because a lot of things are implied, like that I have a current website on a host/sponsor and am going to move it. No, if I have a past/current sponsor, unless it dies, and because of the downtime, and lots of other server aspects, it will set foot on it and will not leave it.

Remember: VPS or reseller. I no longer use shared as from 2011, I have thousand of shared accounts that died one day just because the admin removed it at a whim or very small disagreement, or the host oversold too much and there went all the websites, or just closes one day leaving me empty handed, and with a domain down unless I make a backup and get another host.

I am going to take 3 months to have the site and server done, because a past company ( gave me a vps and it lasted a month and half, then the owner deadpooled and lied about servers getting back online. He also referred me to a lowendtalk thread in which he manipulated a friend into lying, and then he just sent me one day and email saying it's over get another host, then a host refugee of that company ( came in and said to me
"no we're not going to take you because we have too many sponsorships". One day, tried contacting them again but then got to a dead end. Please, be serious when offering me hosting. Don't just throw up the ball like that. Aside from the anger, there was a lot of time put into it, referrals, and general help thrown into the dustbin all because the host just didn't feel like paying his bills. This is also why I don't just take an affiliate account, if I wanted one I would not ask for a sponsorship but just signup to an affiliated program (TL;DR The hen or the egg? Which came first?)

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