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Originally Posted by wh-coach View Post
Id' have to look back at it, but used to only offer support via forums and they did very, very well. They had a very interesting model... Since that time they've sold and Rob (owner) has sold and moved onto other ventures, but I thought it was very novel.

At that time they were really the only ones trying to do what they were doing with a forum only (i.e. they didn't have a special landing page or any product pages that weren't a part of vBulletin). It would be interesting to pick Rob's brain and see what his feelings were about that model of support.

It has worked and it worked successfully. It's probably worth noting that, at that time, he was only offering CPanel reseller accounts and I think VPS at a later time. Maybe forum-only isn't appropriate for every line of business? I don't know.
Offering support only via forums doesn't really sound like a good move to me regardless of how well it worked out for a specific company. I can imagine the extra added headaches in terms of verification, privacy etc

Either way, they now do have a helpdesk so I guess they agree with my statement somewhat.
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