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seems they are scammers, they provide a serer with blacklisted IPs ( so not what i paid for) and this is their reply to refund request

We do not offer refunds for managed VPS hosting nor do we offer refunds for WHMCS licenses. I can refund your payment for VR-Standard and look for additional clean IP addresses to give you in the meantime, this is the only option that I am able to proceed with.


Jon Nguyen, Operations Director
Green Value Hosting, Inc. Management
yet another reply after i said they have not provided a clean server.

The response that was received is below:


We did not advertise that the IPs would be non-blacklisted -- We have NEVER advertised this for the plans that you have purchased.

The only reason you would need a non-blacklisted IP address would be for mailing use. I gave you three completely clean IP addresses free of charge.

If you want to refer to legalese, our Terms of Service is considered a legally binding contract as per the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act passed by United States Congress in 2000, and according to such contract, you agree that managed VPS hosting services AND WHMCS licenses are 100% non-refundable.

I am offering to be more than reasonable with you here, offering you a refund for what I am allowed to give, for the VR-Standard plan and to continue searching for clean IPs to give you.

If you disagree with what I am saying you are free to open a PayPal dispute, in which would result in us calling PayPal referencing their legally binding User Agreement which states that intangible items are not covered by PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection, therefore they are legally obligated to close any and all disputes in our favor.

I am offering to help you and I don't have time to argue.


Jon Nguyen, Operations Director
Green Value Hosting, Inc. Management
Terry Robertson - CEO The Easyhost Media Group
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