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they are a bunch of scammer children

You can either choose to cooperate with me or dispute your payments via PayPal.

If you choose to dispute your payment via PayPal, we'll fight it to the end and if the payment is closed in our favor, your services would still be terminated and we aren't going to process a refund. The primary argument against your claim is that you are attempting to falsify laws claiming that is illegal for a hosting provider to provide IP addresses that are blacklisted, when it's not. I gave you 2 clean IP addresses which can be fully used to send mail and are offering 3 additional IP addresses which are clean, if you would give me just another day to get them for you.

In addition to disputing your payment via PayPal, you would be reported to fraud databases and potentially collection agencies, as disputing payments for services received is legally considered as fraudulent activity.

If you choose to cooperate with me then I can continue looking for clean IP addresses for you and compensate you for the time lost while looking for the clean addresses accordingly.

Please understand that I am only here to help, and am doing the best that I can to assist you. When you are being completely unreasonable with me, I'm afraid that is when we are going to have to put our foot down and we have professionals in-house to deal with anything that might arise, including disputes (and we have never lost a Paypal dispute in our entire 2 years of being in business, regardless of whether it has been within the U.S, Europe, Asia, etc).


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