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Originally Posted by MarkPoppen View Post
I'm an active member of a different forum where I tend to ignore GVH threads because it's the same story every-single-time.

They must be doing something right to get people signing up with them. It's the retention that they seem to struggle with.
well if they did not supply blacklisted IPs and they say their DC does not have any clean IPs and why do i need clean IPs then this thread would not have been started.

after i placed my cancellation requests i got this

I apologize that you are expecting us to throw away our experience and pretend we don't know what we are saying, unfortunately that's not what we do here as that doesn't get us places.

When we are trying to help you, you argue with us telling us that what we are saying is completely false when we actually know what we're doing and what we're saying before we take action.

As per our Terms of Service, I would appreciate your patience to wait 5-6 business days for us to process your refund, especially as your $10.17 refund is a grace refund (offered when you don't actually qualify, and can be revoked at any time).


Jon Nguyen, Operations Director
Green Value Hosting, Inc. Management
strange as it was Jon that stated he would refund the $10.17 in the first place.

they have also cancelled the invoice for next months payment, but still have the invoice as active and marked unpaid for the WHMCS addon.
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