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Originally Posted by luis123456789 View Post
Please read the ad properly is all I've gotta say.
This is like posting a dating ad for a 30 year old woman with a nice body and a good temper and having swingers, hookers and all other kind of undesired people contacting you up.

Let's go to the facts:
I said I wanted to moderate a forum, and/or a ten VPS sponsorship. You offered me not even a VPS, but cash if I was your affiliate (and your VPS packages don't look good because they are OpenVZ and I want Xen/KVM) and then you told me to contact a hosting company that will offer me a VPS in exchange for tickets right? Well, after talking out my options it turned again another marketing offer and he wanted 1 active customer, which referring someone is an annoying and time consuming task which report you only lower benefits (you lose lots of time posting ads, see where you can post an, and also if you don't have good contacts you lose your time up for nothing), and again he only offered me only 1 vps, never said the specs and also it's only 1, i can't start a free VPS offering forum with only 1 VPS!!!

Plus he asked for money to purchase a reseller which I don't have/want, and also said nothing about the real deal which was replying tickets in exchange for a VPS (which is very similar to moderating which fits the ad).

Please, don't make me sad and reply when you can really help only please.
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