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Originally Posted by Rado_Ch View Post
I just want to comment a little on this part:

I think you cannot escape such generalizations. They have always existed and people love to generalize things. Canadians are famous for being very polite - but do you think they are ALL polite? Russians are famous for drinking excessive amounts of vodka but do you think they are all drunks and fight with bears?

Same is with Indians and IT services. Sure, there are geniuses like Amit Singh from Google or Neil Patel, there are a lot of indians who excel in computers but the general fact is that MOST of the services coming from indian freelancers and companies are often very cheap and low quality. That goes out to all areas. Content writers who will spin and give you low quality and non-unique gramatically incorrect content. Webmasters who claim to be 10+ years in business and don't know jack about a cPanel. SEO gurus who turn to forums to solve their simple client issues... I have seen all of those and plenty more.

So I believe its certainly no negativity to a certain race or heritage. Its not something that other people like to do to undermine the quality of service just because it comes from a certain geolocation. It is just the general percentage of the quality services compared to all the services provided all around.

Apart from that I think you made a great post and presented valuable points that were overlooked so far in the thread
I understand your point of view. However, you mentioned something that explains reality more than what I could have written in my own words. You mentioned "very cheap and low quality" as adjectives to the general work that happens from India. However, I believe this is a global phenomenon. Where things are cheap, the quality is low. There have always been, there are and there will always be cheap cars, phones, clothes , shoes and so there would be services. There exists a famous statement which says "What you pay for is what you get" which proves itself here.

We are all consumers of some kind and most of us are fascinated by cars. The automobile market has $12k cars on offer as well as cars costing $300k+. Now its obvious, the $12k car won't be as comfortable as the $300k one. If I buy the $12k car and expect it to perform and give me comforts of the $300k one, I am sure most of you would call me a crazy person. But $12k cars exist because there are buyers for them but we ideally do not blame the manufacturers for the $12k car to be not like the $300k car because we know the cost we have paid cannot cover the goodies of a $300k car.

The outsourcing market is somewhat like the automotive market, there are cheap service providers because there are takers. Its my 13th year in the hosting industry and I would still have no answer if someone asks me "What to expect for a service provider who offers monthly server management for $15 a month" ? The hourly salary for any lucky unskilled person in most of the countries of the world would be more than $15. How should I expect a person to monitor my server 24x7, work on tickets, talk to the DC, talk to me on live chat for one full month in $15 and yet be 100% reliable and provide top notch quality? Its like asking a $12/year host to provide 100% uptime, 24x7 phone,email,live chat support with a 5 minutes response time.

I understand there are people who provide cheap services but if quality is the preference for the customer, I do not believe these cheap service providers will ever get any business and spoil their countries name globally. So my take on things is that quality services cannot come cheap.
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