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A generalized statement would be more appropriate when I say that most cheap service providers are forced to hire unskilled staff as they make no margins in their services at all. Because skills don't come cheap. Neither in the US nor in India or anywhere in the world.

@Rado_Ch : I understand that introductory prices are "customer acquisition" gimmicks apply to many businesses around the world. However, with most customers, they do not think the way you are being appreciative to talent here. If I ever tell a customer the renewal price would be higher than the initial price, 90% of the times, it results in loss of the customer. On the other hand, past one year, if a raise has been asked to the customer, most of them look for a different provider. So this peculiar thinking of customers of opting for cheaper services always gives opportunity for small and crap service providers to get business.

A good example referred here is Bobcares. Their advantage is that they have been in the industry when outsourcing providers were scarce and hard to find. So many clients stuck with them even when they had service issues ( as no provider is perfect ). Over the years this helped them to build a client base and now they do not offer services below their expected margins.
In today's world how would any provider get to that level with customers moving on every now and then ? In my very first reply to this thread I mentioned outsourcing providers can only get to that level when they have sustained business flow which is something now a days they do not get.
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