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Originally Posted by Rado_Ch View Post
While I would love to see more quality content, I can't really see that one working. What it will do is just to tolerate more and more spamming and useless comments just to get your post count up so you can post an ad. And this will be a frequent occurrence instead of just being one time.

Sad reality is that most people just focus on one forum and its the most populated one with the best content. You are a member of WHT yourself I believe and you know darn well how different it is from any other hosting related forum. You just can't beat their popularity at the moment and the most serious "players" do hang out predominantly there.
Yup. I believe that WHT is struggling with the same issue, though. Although they have 3 pages of new topics almost every time I log in, the majority is advertising.
It's up to US, the existing members of HD to create quality content for others to find. I think the ads are putting people off to sign up right now.

If I were to start a community like this, I'd do it without advertising in posts. Just have a sidebar where you can buy a link, just like here. and/or have a "reddit gold" type-structure, where you can throw gold/karma at someone for being helpful, and that gold/karma/cookie or whatever you want to call it can be bought.
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