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Originally Posted by mikebvm View Post
IMO there's a misconception that people post ads instead of posting in a discussion. I think that's incorrect. I think that if people who only post ads were suddenly unable to post ads, they simply wouldn't post at all. I don't think they'd just spend that same time talking about billing or livechat software.

Sure, you can motivate someone to post in the discussion threads by implementing a rule like "you must post in the discussion threads before you can post your next ad" but then you encourage junk posts.

To really drum up conversation in the discussion sections, engaging topics are necessary. Basic questions like "What billing system do you use" doesn't engage users.
I agree, but it's a vicious cycle.. "Why would I post an engaging post, knowing that there will be little to no reply, if I can post it elsewhere and get pages of comments in 1 day?" and "There's no engaging content to reply on"...
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