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Originally Posted by MarkPoppen View Post
Yup. I believe that WHT is struggling with the same issue, though. Although they have 3 pages of new topics almost every time I log in, the majority is advertising.
It's up to US, the existing members of HD to create quality content for others to find. I think the ads are putting people off to sign up right now.

If I were to start a community like this, I'd do it without advertising in posts. Just have a sidebar where you can buy a link, just like here. and/or have a "reddit gold" type-structure, where you can throw gold/karma at someone for being helpful, and that gold/karma/cookie or whatever you want to call it can be bought.
True...but to a certain extent. WHT is still enjoying most of the hosting presence in forums and indeed many hosts advertise there. However, I am checking the New Posts around every 24 hours and there are certainly not just 3 pages of new posts, more like 12-15, and around 3-4 pages from those are ads. This still leaves you with plenty of discussions to participate in AND place your ads once a week. I dunno, I still see a huge gap between WHT and other hosting-related forums. Monopoly is never good news so hopefully new interesting forums will emerge from the shadows but for now they are a long way from achieving that.
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