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Originally Posted by areeb View Post
Ew, Indians. If you choose an Indian company then you gonna probably end up with a useless support team which does not even know how to talk properly. I've seen and experienced it

"HOW SIR. . ."
I would say that is an untrue statement. I would I could have the liberty to mention the names of the companies here. But signed NDAs prevent me from doing so. Many top and the big players from the webhosting industry outsource their support operations to India. Reason ?

Cost : Certainly no. They can pay for in-house staff
Bad English : No again, not everyone in India has bad English. Select staff carefully and then you are good.
Then what?
Skills : A big yes, I could name a few companies whose CTOs and Senior Admins are all Indians. So skills are being paid for.

It is all about finding the right provider. Its just like webhosting, providers are not good because they are from the US, their service makes them good and not their origin and it takes many tries for most of us to get the right webhosting provider as well. Every industry has good and bad players.
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