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Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
Read my first three posts in this thread before whining about my alleged whining. Sheesh.
I was not referring to you directly, I was saying in General in regards to the whole thread.

instead of just repeating and saying "yah I notice the same thing" Grumble Grumble.. suggestions and ideas are always more helpful.

For example, I recently asked about my website, got some response. The feedback prompted me to spend the money on a template.

Here is another thing, Do your clients post reviews about you here? do they even know you advertise here to post a response or state about your service? If your own clients do not know, then you advertising here is generally useless. Bringing your own clients to the site to even post one or two posts, from say 50-200 web hosts would bring in new members, some might even join in the community.

If you do not get clients from this community, you have to ask why not? Is there something that needs to be done to fix that?

I know there are bigger forums for hosting out there that are known and have been around for years.

Any idea is always a good idea, even if it is a bad idea in the absence of any ideas.