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Originally Posted by martfox View Post
Simply avoid them to make some decisions about "good" and "bad" hosting companies... E.g. if you write a bad rewiev of "someone" there, they will simply delete your post or the whole thread... then at the end, you are the bad person because your server e.g. was down for 2 days, or it's your fault, that nobody answered your support tickets since xx hours... (this post is related to some hosting company)...

Moderation is something that every such forum needs, otherwise nothing will stop pissed off clients bashing hosts left and right. Also consider this - there isn't another forum with so many people who have knowledge from this particular niche and those are people who can easily read such a thread and determine who has more rights in the case - host or clients.

As someone visiting the forums almost on a daily basis I can tell you that daily there quite a few negative posts about certain companies. Sometimes its really a horrible service from a host, sometimes its a person that got pissed for all the wrong reasons. At the end of the day anyone can express an opinion but they have to be prepared to accept the opinions of others too - this is the magic of the public forum
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