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I don't think you need to avoid them - just accept that you are being socially engineered. it isn't different for any forum - hostingdiscussion is the same. Why do I reply to threads on any forum? Because my sig gets viewed and maybe somebody comes by the my website and signs up. Assume that's why you're seeing every response to every thread and govern your reaction accordingly and suddenly things have a whole new light.

Am I being cynical or jaded? I prefer to consider myself seasoned.

I've been on WHT since I think 2001 or 2002... I don't recall. All the moderation things they do are in place for a reason. Many of the reasons have been forgotten but it's the way things are now. They're running a forum with who knows how many active members and the rules are in place to stop things from being the wild west show. It used to be pretty wild.

They aren't out to 'get' anyone and they don't owe you anything. If you like their service, part of the price of admission is working with their rules. if you don't like the rules or the community or whatever, as you said in your first post, avoid them. Not much more to be said about the topic.
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