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Originally Posted by martfox View Post
Simply avoid them to make some decisions about "good" and "bad" hosting companies... E.g. if you write a bad rewiev of "someone" there, they will simply delete your post or the whole thread... then at the end, you are the bad person because your server e.g. was down for 2 days, or it's your fault, that nobody answered your support tickets since xx hours... (this post is related to some hosting company)...
That is unusual. I rarely if ever see then delete posts, though a great many that you just described certainly should be.

I will agree that there are issues at WHT and things that can be quite irritating, but that is the same of just about every forum.

The moderation is lacking when it comes to the types of posts that are allowed at WHT. Some of the biggest offenders are those that post their support questions on WHT when they should be asking their provider for help. Then you have the people that have really unrealistic requests for service and want $4000 servers for $30/mo. And finally the ones that come to WHT to bitch that it took more than 5 seconds to get their order processed and were completely offended that the reason their order was held up was because they used someone else's credentials and a stolen credit card.

99.9% of the post at WHT are crap, I'll give you that. But I have rarely if ever seen them delete any of these crap posts. If they are now, its a great step in the right direction.
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