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Originally Posted by Mia_ View Post
That is unusual. I rarely if ever see then delete posts, though a great many that you just described certainly should be.

I will agree that there are issues at WHT and things that can be quite irritating, but that is the same of just about every forum.

The moderation is lacking when it comes to the types of posts that are allowed at WHT. Some of the biggest offenders are those that post their support questions on WHT when they should be asking their provider for help. Then you have the people that have really unrealistic requests for service and want $4000 servers for $30/mo. And finally the ones that come to WHT to bitch that it took more than 5 seconds to get their order processed and were completely offended that the reason their order was held up was because they used someone else's credentials and a stolen credit card.

99.9% of the post at WHT are crap, I'll give you that. But I have rarely if ever seen them delete any of these crap posts. If they are now, its a great step in the right direction.
I see your point but I think its a little misconstrued. The concept of a "crap post" is a little different for you and for me. WHT may be a hosting forum but above all its a great learning place. All those cases you mentioned might seem very silly for you and me but they are hella serious for the person who posts them.

Many people seeking help also contacted their providers first but found no answer or got a ridiculous answer from the host. The ones with unrealistic requests have such just because they are novice users and don't know better. If you encounter hosting for the first time and see a ludicrous offer like HG's $1 dollar all unlimited hosting and see some review sites that HG are the best what will you logically think? If I can take so much for so little money, a great big server shouldn't cost much more... As for fraudsters, spending many many years in the business I've noticed that most of them prefer to stay hidden as possible. Stealing someone's CC credentials and going on a huge public forum to moan about a delayed order is something that happens really rarely. Its much easier for them to just move to the next company and try there (Hell, they will find a place where it works). At the end of the day most hosts use WHT for the ads and exposure while clients use it to get some help and as more experienced users we shouldn't deny them such just because their question is rather silly. This is what the hosting customer service mostly does after all.

Now spammers and copied one-line responses with no usefulness or affiliation to the question is a whole other story. Those should be banished from any forum's land and I do think that WHT is doing very good in this aspect (mostly compared to around 10 more forums I frequently visit).
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