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You lack basic understanding of hosting industry knowledge to the point where you are not even able to comprehend GeoIP location. Just because an IP geolocates to one specific city does not mean that the server is located there. We have IP addresses geolocated to the US when they are routed to Amsterdam.

I provided you with a clean IP address that you could use to send mail from. That's all you really needed. I did the best I could to explain facts to you as nicely as I could with every situation but it's very overwhelming when I am faced with you pulling heaps of nonsense out of your ass that only hosting newbies would believe.

I'd be quite worried if I was one of your clients as by the look of your correspondences with us, you obviously had no idea about a lot of what you said in your tickets and are obviously not willing to back down when you're wrong. And you left that out in your original post here too, likely because you didn't want to embarrass yourself.

With that said, best of luck.

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