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Originally Posted by MarkPoppen View Post
Like I said. It's the same thing every time.
I've never dealt with GVH, but from what I've seen, Jon says all the wrong things at the wrong time.

Our rules for when we mess up: Apologize, fix it, apologize some more and NEVER say the customer is wrong. Instead: point out the facts.
When the customer is wrong, the customer is wrong. Especially when they are wrong about something technical, we will not hesitate to point it out to them. A hosting provider that lets their customers be in their own little dream world of what their own false beliefs about how "techy" stuff really works is a hosting provider that's going to ultimately fail when the customer comes back to them asking "Why the hell is my stuff broken?!"

And of course, with your nonsense logic, it wouldn't be right to tell the customer, "Oh, it's because we let you believe made up facts that are actually wrong so that you could screw up your own server"

Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
Well after i cancelled the server and the m still invoicing me for the WHMCS licence when i dont have a server with them is a breach of the reseller agreement they have with WHMCS, although the WHMCS licences are in the name of Hudson Valley Host, so they are reselling HVH services, but to WHMCS this makes no difference as the reseller agreement is being breached, so they are going to remind HVH of this
Read the WHMCS Reseller Agreement for yourself. You're wrong.

Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
i like their announcement

yet they seem to ignore this
You're wrong, again, because the conditions as specified in that policy never applied to you due to you refusing to cooperate and listen to logic and instead insisting on pulling false truths out of your ass to back your nonsense claims.
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