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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
This gets better

they gave clean IPs, which all checks point then to Williamson, NY and not Chicago, IL.

which is strange as i told them i ordered a server in Chicago and that where i want the server, their reply was

which is BS as the IPs will point to the node and not a companies HQ, so if they do point to the companys HQ in Williamson, NY then that is where the node is
This is completely WRONG and we have told you this MULTIPLE times via ticket.

An IP address can be geolocated to a certain location and be routed some place else. What really is true BS is that you don't believe this fact and are insistent upon your nonsense belief when there is actual proof (Do you know what a traceroute is????)

You are a client who is so ingrained into the "The customer is always right, even when they're wrong!" bull**** from other hosting companies that you convince yourself that you're right even when there's proof to be presented from reliable technical sources that you're not. "The customer is always right" can be applied in many cases, but in cases like this, you're wrong.

TRACEROUTE TRACEROUTE TRACEROUTE is how you find where a server is located. Not one of those RIDICULOUSLY STUPID "IP location checkers" that fool people into believing that's where their server location GUARANTEED IS so that they can get ad clicking revenue from their Google Adsense.
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