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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
No when you provide a service then the end user expects all clean IPS, not just for sending mail. i have been in the hosing business for many years i know what is expected and all about geoIP locations.
I apologize that you were dissatisfied with that you received, however you can't argue against the fact that we accommodated you with what you actually needed. You really only needed 1 clean IP address for mailing based on the reasoning you initially gave us. If we saw need for any more clean IP addresses, we would have went out of our way more than we had to get you it, but there was no need.

If you disagreed with what we determined that you needed, the process would be to converse with us in a logical manner to convince us that you need more than what we allocated. We allocated the IP addresses that were specified in the plan and gave you a clean IP address for mailing. You do not need clean IP addresses for nameservers or any of the other reasons you specified. You tried to argue with us with nonsense reasoning about why you needed your entire allocation to be clean. You were paying like .. $16.95 per month for a managed VPS with cPanel/WHM included. The cheapest price you'll ever find for that plan .. anywhere. I think that for the price you paid, what we offered you was very reasonable especially because everything you intended on using the server for was accommodated for appropriately.

You don't know all about geoIP. You've never heard of the term before I mentioned it to you, don't lie. I had to correct you before you learned what geoIP actually is and the proof is in your tickets and your previous posts here.

Don't argue against my points, it's pointless and you've already made it clear that you don't know much of what you're talking about in regards to these matters.

I've been told this before and I've taken the following advice many times, and it is time for me to give this advice to you because it's in an applicable situation: "Sit down and shut up because you're trying to argue with someone who knows more than you and you're going to embarrass yourself by arguing further."

1. You made things up
2. You realized your nonsense was wrong after I corrected you, but you still try to argue that your nonsense is right.
3. When it is too overwhelming that you're wrong, you pretend that you knew the right thing all along

It doesn't work like that. And if I backed down like this for every technical situation where a client is wrong, they would come running back to me asking me why this and that and this broke .. and I don't want to have to tell them "I lied and told you that what you thought was right to make you happy" because that's just a mentally retarded thing to do.
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