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i was told

Ernie said that ColoCrossing doesn't really have any clean IPv4 ranges in Chicago at this time, however they have some in Buffalo.

Would you like me to migrate you over to Buffalo and reassign your IP addresses?

Our data center is currently working with the SBL to have the IPs deblacklisted.

In the meantime if mailing urgent for you, I recommend using Mandrillapp.
There's unfortunately nothing I can do at this time because Ernie said that they don't have any clean IP addresses available. Are you not able to use Mandrill?
you admitted your DC did not have clean IPS, then you tell me to use a 3rd party (why when i was paying you and you never delivered)

Hi Terry,

Why would you need clean IP addresses for your nameservers, main site/WHMCS if the SBL status of the IP addresses do not affect those in any way?

I can only see a purpose for a clean IP address needed for mailing?


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well it is expected that any client should be given clean IPS and not blacklisted IPS, but it seems if people read WHT posts you have a habit of blaming and calling customers for your failings.

no need to reply as you are on my ignore list now

Maybe Admin/Mods can close this thread
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