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Originally Posted by rfwilliams777 View Post
With the rediculous number of sites being hacked and defaced and MANY of them due to poor security in the CMS (regardless of the password matter), I say CMS is fine for customers--select customers--but everyone else should be no CMS. No CMS means no worries of a site being hacked into (if you have already great security to begin with).
Though you have a point the word about CMSs (WordPress for instance) is highly overrated. Just take a look at all the hacks and security loopholes and see the CORE of the issue in most of them:

- CMS outdated version
- plugins outdated versions
- using unlicensed themes from third parties
- using unlicensed plugins from third parties

If one watches over their websites well and makes sure all is up-to-date, then the issues they will face are as low as with any custom coding.
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