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I've been gone from HD for awhile busy. I just read the thread on WHT and couldn't reply to it because of it's age so this one is an experience my husband had with them. This is not blasting WHT but just an experience my husband had there.

WHT seems to be a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly and easy to open up a can of worms with their "favorite" host posters".

Several years ago my husband had been posting on WHT for about a year and had several 100 post. He's a nice guy, never talks down to anyone and would never blast anyone or a host on a forum.

He made a post on a thread that had a guy really blasting a host. My husband said we had used them for several years with some of our clients and had never had an issue with them and would have no problem using them again. That was it, that's all he said.

One of WHT's top favorite web host posters went ballistic on my husband's post and at him. Within a few minutes about 5 people posted taking up for my husband and getting back at the host that slammed him.

Within a few minutes of that my husband's post, the WHT favorite hoster, and all the post supporting my husband just disappeared from the thread.

My husband, being the good guy he is, was going to get a corporate sponsorship on WHT that same evening, He left WHT never to return and took that pile of money a corporate sponsorship cost and did a few updates on his fishing boat and never looked back.

Not to long ago a girl that works for us that reads WHT, not a member and doesn't want to be, made a few comments about WHT.

She said it looks like the WHT good ole boy host seem to be the ones still the favorites of the moderators and not the regular posters. She said it looks like WHT is slowing down and not as popular as it use to be and if the hosters were not allowed to use their hosting company signatures WHT would probably dry up in a few weeks.

Once again this is not to bash WHT its an experience my husband had there. Personally, I like HD much better. It seems the posters on here are much nicer and want information without a bunch of yahoos talking down to us.
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