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I wouldn't call it favoritism so much as moderators misjudging people and their contribution, especially when it comes to tickets. I haven't had any problem in a thread per se, however the couple of times I needed to get something done via a ticket the results were appalling. Apart from not answering for a few days (God forbid you have an urgent issue) I've had an operator there talking down to me and when confronted - another moderator jumping in, explaining that this was not the case AND consequently using the same sarcastic language they were confronted about.

Apart from those unpleasant cases however, I still believe that WHT is the go-to place for both hosts and clients. I want to find other such alternatives, I really do, but all I've found were either dead or spammy forums. HD has been my #2 for a long time, but after short periods of movement, there are long times where everything is super quiet and you have only ads as new posts.

I do agree that its a pity as people still need and want to learn more about our industry. Many have gotten immense help but there is a constant influx of new clients and they have to be educated too. Owning a forum is not just fun, its a responsibility, especially when it revolves around an industry that supports so many businesses worldwide.
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