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I must say I had a bust up WHT when a customer post good comments about my services and also Hawk Host.

The guy hosted a website through our CDN, which put his website on the same IP as the Corporate on in the area where WHT's staff were.

The customer also used our web-proxy (which is whitelisted on our servers and firewalls so the CSF and Cisco Firewalls allow you through if you get banned for any reason), so our access IPs were the same.

This got us "temporarily suspended" for "shilling", which at first I was amused about, but looking back we should have defended ourselves more and not tried to introduce any humour to the proceedings.

We are still suspended there, so "temporary" really means "forever", which is a shame as we spent money there on a regular basis, never bad mouthed anyone, even posted scripts and plugins we had written to give away to the less gifted coders.

Also whilst I am sure HawkHost are good, I would not be wasting time singing the praises of rivals, if I didn't know their services, and we've never used Hawk-Host.

As far as I know the customer is still banned there.

So there moderators can be a little too tough, we were members for years, before our customer made this post and landed us both in "trouble".
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