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I'll give some background on my experiences with WHT:
  1. I have a dynamic IP
  2. When I signed up, I never had any previous accounts
  3. I copied my ID and sent it to them

The way my ISP works is when you have a dynamic IP - it's not a range allocated to you. They have a pool of IP's, and you're randomly assigned one whenever you log on to the Internet.
People with static IP's who want to have dynamic are the same. Their static IP is put into the pool.

Anyway, I made an account, made a post and what-not. They then claimed I was some other person as I had the same IP. I explained my case. They wanted a copy of my ID, so I sent it to them. They refuted that and merged my account with a few others using the same IP.

Naturally, I was very unhappy.

I've had to resort to having a family friend post on my behalf (twice, the first one they disabled), as for me and my company these other individuals have had very bad post history.

I do think the moderators in charge of the forum aren't the most professional. Judging by some of their comments, it's really just bad. There's also a lot of bias involved.

I don't spend too much time on forums, but I will probably never give them my money - it could be better spent elsewhere, where they actually value your money and think of you as another individual - rather than a number.

Not to bash them either. But it's not the best forum community.
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