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Originally Posted by kabe View Post
I was talking to a web developer friend of mine recently that has a couple 100 clients and she's like us and offers turnkey everything.

She said her understanding about WHT was they blocked all unlimited host from the forum. Even though we know there is no such thing as unlimited there are some unlimited host that do a better job of managing their servers than a lot of host that don't offer unlimited.

I can just imagine how these unlimited host get slammed with spammers though and have their work cut of for them trying to keep them off their servers.
Indeed that was the case and there is a reason for that. You actually pointed it out yourself - offering something like Unlimited Space is plainly impossible so such an ad is misleading to the client.

Still, if I am correct, this was just recently changed and providers can again offer Unlimited, however under some special circumstances (gotta double-check the rules on that one).

As for people being temporarily/permanently banned for using different IPs, this was also the case with us at some point. This is actually the exact ticket where the mods tried to play wise guys and have their jokes on me. I believe its a running issue and they don't seem to be bothered by it.
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