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Originally Posted by wh-coach View Post
It's been a while since I discussed any of what's below about WHT.

WHT has been a kingmaker in the webhosting business for a lot of years. What makes forums like WHT survive over the years are the 'high drama' moments where you can sit back, grab some popcorn, and just watch the show.

Back in the good old days, WHT was the place that web designers would go to get referrals about who was the best host etc. At that time it wasn't owned by inet interactive either... just a dude and some buddies running a place to chat based on vBulletin. Things were VERY wild-west and high-drama was the gold standard. Many of the rules you see today were actually written in the period between 2001 and 2005ish. Hosts would pop in and out of existence making all manner of wild claims about what they could, and could not do and the rules were put in place to try to give people some confidence that what they were reading was level.

If anybody is interested to read on: I probably owe everything I have to WHT and what happened during that period. I was working for an employer who was furiously abusive and when the time came to quit that nightmare, I needed some place to go. Enter WHT. AT that time, a small business called "MCHost" was getting extremely popular reviews and was taking on customers faster than they could handle. I was hired as a systems admin and it was a good thing, too... there was little else available for work where I live at that time. MCHost grew and grew and grew... they were really one of the first businesses to offer reseller hosting with Unlimited Domains (in fact, the owner tried to trademark the term 'host unlimited domains' and made a terrible attempt at enforcing the trademark). Along the way a few others popped on the scene... Splashhost, Voxtreme are two that come to mind. Fights would break out and one would accuse the other of stealing their customer or hacking a server or whatever... one such incident was mentioned on this forum (here) . What is not commonly known is that I was the one who made the determination that it wasn't company attempting the hack the other into the ground. It was a rogue perl script that was forking uncontrollably and bringing the processor on the Splashhost server to its knees (and, guess what, I did the work for Splashhost for free). 3 months later my contract was terminated with MCHost and he used the reason that I helped out their biggest competitor (patently and provably false but whatever... it gave him a way to create a dignified end to the spat that was brewing and the PR nightmare that was bubbling right behind it ) ... were it not for that I would not have become CIO at a prominent datacenter (which is now sold), I would not have had a chance at some great startups, and I would not have been launched on the trajectory I'm on today.

There's a lot of history at that place and to understand where they are today, one kind of needs to understand where they've been. Just like we stand on the shoulders of our forefathers, so does today's WHT stand on the shoulders of everything that came before it. It's got a whole bunch of warts and scar tissue that come from having a zillion people come and go... many of whom are determined that their version of a bad idea is somehow better than when it was somebody else's bad idea a year ago... unlike many places, the entire history of WHT is document and there for the reading if you have the patience to do it. Perfect? not even close. I guess that's why there is more than one webmaster forum.
but when someone openly attacks you on the forum and abuses you then makes false stories that you can prove are false, so report this user to WHT, but they ban you for reporting the user and yet that user remains. How can that be right?
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