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Originally Posted by kabe View Post
No doubt about it WHT is one of the more experienced hosting forums on the internet and I would certainly give them credit for that. It's nice to hear good compliments about them on this thread.

We host only our business clients, do no public hosting and have no desire to do so, so to us WHT is just another forum and we don't participate on it. We also have 100's of clients hosted with other host and not us and with the business policy we have in place to protect our clients we form our own opinion of a host. We'll not use any EIG host.

There are 1000's of host out there that couldn't give a ripping hoot about WHT and don't participate on their forum either. The ones I know tell me they don't have time to fool with WHT and it's ranters and if they've been hurt by a ranter on WHT it was so minute they didn't notice it.

One of our developers reads WHT sometimes and says there is no way she would post on their forum. She told me tonight one of our go to host has a ranter on what looks like an ego trip with all the replies he's getting. She laughed and said WHT has a lot of soap operas on it and this dude has gotten his started now.

When she told me the host he had his rant riding high on I pulled up our history with them. We started hosting clients with them in 2008 and have 85 clients with them. Since 2008 we have an average of 9 support tickets a year with them. All answered promptly and problem resolved in a short period of time. She also thinks WHT should stop a rant before it becomes a soap opera and I agree with her. I'm not the owner of WHT so our opinion means absolutely nothing to them. This host also offers unlimited hosting and we all know there is no such thing as unlimited. As long as our clients with them are happy and the host is causing them no problems then we'll certainly not move them because of their unlimited hosting. If it happens then we'll move the client or clients to another host if we can't get their problem resolved. One thing we don't like to do is to move a client or clients.

My opinion, and this is my opinion and after the issue my husband had with them, I agree they do have favorites and they should stop the soap operas so common on there. I'm not bashing WHT and here again this is my opinion they do need to do some of their own backyard cleaning. I also base this on what other developers and host friends in the industry tell me. Here again though it's "their forum" and they can well so as they please with it.

My offices wishes all you Americans out here on this forum a happy July the 4th holiday. May all of you have a blessed, fun filled and safe holiday.
What you are describing is actually somewhat of a good thing about WHT. Because many people know it as the go-to forum for hosting, it is absolutely natural that they will have a much higher amount of reviews/rants/host bashing/arguments. See, we have a saying in Bulgaria which should translate roughly smth like "arguing is how the truth is born". This is exactly what I find refreshing there - the forum is so full of people (both clients and providers) that whenever there is a positive/negative review the majority can easily spot if its a genuine or fake one. What might sometimes look like "host bashing" is just people that have seen so many negative reviews for certain hosts, that they do remember them and use them as a bad example.

There is one thing you said which should be pinpointed - "As long as our clients with them are happy and the host is causing them no problems then we'll certainly not move them because of their unlimited hosting.". This is exactly what any professional will advice you when you are seeking for a host. There is no universal formula and there isn't a single host which only has fans and not any haters. So if its not broken why fix it? Reviews and opinions are there just for people to have in mind, not to persuade/dissuade them from choosing any provider
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