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Originally Posted by kabe View Post
Are you from Bulgaria? We've got a 26 year old "mail order bride" from Bulgaria working in our office now. She's been here a year and very smart.
I was suppose to be a mail order bride but I'm 5'10" tall and Russia didn't have an envelope long enough to mail me to the US in so.. my husband had to come get me, and my daughters since we were a package deal

Her favorite music group are the Country Sisters from the Czech Republic. Since where we live is Bluegrass music country she landed on her feet here with a grin on her face.
Hehe, indeed I am from Bulgaria and proud of it I am sure that she will prove to be a great worker and seeing that we around the same age, if she is as pretty as she is smart, I will send her an address where she can get her "mail order husband"
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