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You should be proud to be from Bulgaria and tell anyone that.

Ivana is a beautiful and very intelligent young lady married to her college sweetheart she met while attending the University of Georgia about a 1.5 hour drive from here.

The reason I called her a mail order bride is after she graduated she returned to Bulgaria for awhile to work with her dad in the banking business. After some long distance dating, and I can certainly relate to that and how difficult it is, they decided to get married. He had to do the K1 Fiance visa to bring her to America and trust me I know about that frustrating process too. It took them 8 months to get their K1 approved. The same visa took my husband and me 12 months because I had two very young daughters and he wanted to adopt them when we got here.

They had a traditional Bulgarian wedding here with all of us and her family also came over for it. She now has a masters degree in computer sciences

We feel extremely blessed to have her on our team and love her as our own family member. Her husband is a high school math teacher. She laughs and said she never had a thought in her life she would be married living in America and working in a restored barn on a horse farm wearing shorts in an office and not having to wear any shoes unless she wanted to,

My husband and I are planning a vacation to Bulgaria and working on going next Spring if we can take our daughters out of school for a couple of weeks, if not then it will be in the summer months. We think it's a country we need to visit after having Ivana here with us and listening to her and seeing her videos from there and having met her wonderful family. She can be a little hardheaded sometimes but we just laugh at her and see her shake her fist at us.

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