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I think it does good sometimes to get off topic if no one is getting blasted and I don't hang around for anything like that. The moderators could also move it to General Discussion if it was an ok off topic discussion.

I think it does a community good for interaction between it's members especially when we're from all points of the world. I've always been interested in different countries and cultures. My husband and I have had only one serious misunderstanding and that turned out to be a culture thingy from both of us.

We're definitely going to Bulgaria next year and your city is on our list to spend a couple of days in. We'll be staying a few days with Ivana's parents when we first get to Bulgaria. My husband is an amateur radio operator and has talked to two other radio guys in Bulgaria for at least 20 years he tells me. They've invited us to visit and spend some time with them so that will be done also. My husband owns an architectural engineering firm so I can tell you now, we'll be looking at your beautiful buildings more than anything else probably. He used to drive the girls and me boinkers looking at buildings in Moscow when we went there before going to my city.

We sponsored a high school exchange student from Kiev this past school year and her family has invited us to visit them in Kiev so we're going to do that one also on this trip. One of my friends and classmates from our city of Staryj Oskol has lived in Kiev since we graduated med school together in Russia. We've not seen each other in 15 years so we'll be staying with her in Kiev when we get there. We talk in Skype a couple times a week. Kiev will be our last stop and then we'll fly back home from there.

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