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I got my secondary VPS from tragicservers, so only a couple of client on this server, but the server keeps going offline.

this is the plan, so should handle a couple of small clients

2048MB RAM
1024MB VSwap
4 CPU Cores
100GB HD space
2000GB Bandwidth
1 Gbps Port
1 IPv4
3 IPv6

well i queried why the server keeps going offline and this is their reply

We only allow up to a 0.8 CPU load as per our ToS.
checked TOS and found it hard to find anything then i found this in their AUP

Hardware Usage (VPS):
Subscribers agree not to use more than .8 on the VPS extended periods or cause discruption on the hode node effecting other subscribers. High CPU usage and/or disruption may result in reboot, shutdown or suspension of your service without notice.
very strange as even Apache can top 1 CPU for short periods and any VPS and reach 0.8CPU very easily
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