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Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
I think you misunderstood. I thought the writing was poor for a TOS so I was wondering if that was direct copy/paste or a re-typing. My comments are in brackets:

"Hardware Usage (VPS):
Subscribers agree not to use more than .8 [units?] on the VPS [for] extended periods [of time] or cause discruption [sp] on the hode [sp] node effecting [affecting] other subscribers. High CPU usage and/or disruption may result in reboot, shutdown or suspension of your service without notice."

I hope that is not their legal document. I can understand typos on websites, chats, FAQs, etc but in a TOS?
copy/paste as it is written

maybe users cant use more than .8 chickens on the VPS as they dont actually tell you what the .8 is referring too.. also how can .8 CPU be high CPU usage
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