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great attitude from Gogetssl

I resell their SSL certificates ( well wont from now on)

One of my clients renewed his RapidSSL through my WHMCS using their latest WHMCS 6 compatible plugin/addon.

well yes the new date was changed on the clients order showing he has another 12 months, but no email etc. sent to client for them to provide CSR, so i manually renew the cert from my GogetSSL account and after 10 hrs and no approver email i contact their support which tell me

The WHMCS works in next scenario, first client make order, than your WHMCS send special email to customer with LINK to submit CSR code, only than the order appears in our client area.and they dont send the approver emails, these are sent from the CA
i told them this never happened and provided them with screenshots

which shows no such emails received by client and that in WHMCS is shows conflicting info

Status - cancelled
Status Description - ACTIVE

in my GogetSSL account is is still active ( 13 days to go)

then i get this

looks like WHMCS shows status of old SSL.
Anyway, new module by WHMCS will be October 15.
so fine, i replied with, so only way round is to get a new cert and not renewal so that the client will lose the 13 days as it wont be added to a new cert only a renewal
then their reply to this shocked me

******* okay.
the missing word starts with an f
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